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Sisterhood with Luxe Lashes

Eyelash extensions are a true revolution in the fashion culture. They give women immense confidence and glamour helping them look and feel their best.

At Luxe Lashes by Angel, Mary offer professional lashes extension services and ensure that our clients get the best quality products. On top of that, we form a sisterhood over time with our clientele offering a reliable friendship bond. This enables us to be our authentic selves and have a safe space to share and seek advice about different life issues such as family, business, career or friendships and feel the support of the sisterhood. The friendship is empowering and when women are empowered, the entire community is empowered.

We are grateful for our loyal customers and on December 19, 2020, we held a Christmas party to appreciate them. The event was memorable and we all got the opportunity to get together, socialize and have fun together. Despite the covid19 pandemic stalling many 2020 plans including businesses and international travel worldwide, this event brought us together as a sisterhood where we always support each other through good times and bad times. We managed to treat ourselves, have a good time and keep a positive attitude and outlook on life in spite of the negativities especially for those of us who were far away from family.
In our sisterhood, we grow, enjoy life and have each other’s back in all moments making life sweeter and fuller. Some of the girls that have been with luxe for a while now include:

Amira Chibi – She is our client for a year now and currently hold a 6 months session package deal. She has been a flight attendant for more than 10 years but due to the covid19 pandemic and restriction of movement, there are less flight jobs. Currently, she is working as a junior psychologist while waiting for more shifts in Qantas Airlines. She is a beautiful person, very witty, smart, supportive, kind and big hearted.

Adora Jane Bonadeo – She is the Owner of House of Wings and a Manager in the perfume department at MYERS. She have joined and won many beauty pageants here in Australia. She also got the title for the Best Catwalk Award in India. A very talented, smart, super tall and fit, beautiful and kind hearted. She has been a Luxe Lashes client for 3.5 years.

Kara Towlson – She owns a skin care products shop selling face masks, moisturizers, organic oils and many more. She is also an artist with a great eye for art such as paintings, drawings and crafts. She is super supportive, strong, kind hearted, beautiful and smart. She’s been with Luxe Lashes for 1.5 years and currently holding a year package deal.

Catherine Joyce – Shes an accountant by profession and her love for the kids made her choose working in a child care institute. She was my tax agent even before Luxe Lashes by Angel and she started being our client ever since we started taking clients in 2016 which shows her loyalty and genuine friendship. She is pretty, smart, caring, loving, generous and very supportive.

I want to give thanks to some of the girls who have celebrated with us and sponsored foods/drinks and lend their genuine help and support including:

Irene Liando, Mary Maurice, Vickie Herbert who have been with us for nearly 4 years they are truly amazing and im super lucky for your loyalty and genuine friendship as well as Dhanisha Saini a new client whose currently holding 6 months package deal was there to support us. To my makeup artist Danni Van Elswijk who managed to cool me down with my facial massage end with an amazing makeup.

Thank you as well to our photographer Andy Nguyen you are truly appreciated and to our Graphic Designer April Arevalo for such glamorous awesome work. Special thanks also to tita Edna Bonadeo who joined us and the 3 men as our muscles who were there to paint our backdrops and lifting heavy stuff and ofcourse all the girls Amira, Kara, CJ, Dhanisha and Irene for all the help in the decors and carrying stuff before and after the party. Im so grateful for all of your help and being present however the circumstances which is truly inspiring and empowering. ❤💥💫🙏🙌👏👭

At Luxe Lashes, we cater to all sorts of clients including teachers, lawyers, doctor, nurses, waitresses, models, female truck & bus drivers, factory workers, factory owners, housewives, single mum, croupier, cleaners, real estate agents, celebrities or influencers, skin consultants, beauty therapists, personal trainers, salon owners, scientist, band singer and many more. People of different nationalities, ages, races and all demographics are welcome for our products and services.

We are dedicated to giving you value for your money. Our sisterhood also has a powerful impact and is empowering. True sisters always want to see you win, to grow and to be happy and you should want the same for them as well. Our strong bond gives us a safe place to share experiences and catch up with people who cheer you on at your best and encourage you at your worst. The common denominator amongst our loyal clients is that they are smart, patient, supportive, generous, beautiful with a golden heart. That is how we built a sisterhood supporting and inspiring one another. 🥰🤩💕💥💫

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Our Promotional Packages

Our Promotional Packages are only offered to 4 clients per category just to celebrate Luxe Lashes by Angel being 4 years in the lash industry! 

Just a small reminder of what we are offering, we have a 6 months ankd full year package that includes subsidized

Russian Volume 3D-6D for $1200  (12 sessions)

Mega Volume 8D-10D for $1500  (12 sessions)

Mega Volume 11D-16D for $2,000  (12 sessions)

Russian Volume 3D-6D for $2,200  (24 sessions package)

Mega Volume 8D-10D for $2500  (24 sessions package)

Mega Volume 11D-16D for $3500  (24 sessions)

This 6 months package will ensure you get 12 sessions of eyelash extension and care without any additional cost.

This full year package will ensure you get 24 sessions of eyelash extension and care without any additional cost.

A Healthier and Safer Way to Care for Your Lashes

While most people book for lash refills after 2 or 3 weeks, it is advisable that you do a refill on a more regular basis. Waiting until your current lashes start falling off prevents proper growth of natural lashes, not to mention the unpleasant look they present. Our package offers lash refills after every 2 weeks, which will reduce the possibility of breakage or damage when removing the grown outs.

We also offer a new set of lashes after every other month; hence, your lashes will always look healthy and attractive. We have the tools, products and expertise to remove the old lashes and replace them with a new set. This regular replacement means that there will be no breakouts on your lashes. Remember that this cycle will go on for 6 months upto whole year.

The Customer Pays Less

Our package offers great value for money to our clients compared to paying for single sessions. Getting a single refill after every 2 weeks would cost you about $100-$110 and $120-$200 for a new set while $160-$250 for removal and placing new set. However, our package will only cost you as low as $100-120 fixed price per session wether its a refill, new set or removal and new set sessions. This great discount will help you save a lot on your lash expenses while still receiving great service.

VIP Treatment

Our promotional package gives our subscribers the chance to receive first priority service. Your appointments will be honored and fulfilled on a timely basis.

Additional Month to Cover for Holidays

Our package offers an extra one month to cover the time people spend on holidays. This means that you will still be viable to complete the 24 sessions even after going for holiday.


Please give atlease 24 to 48 hours notice for cancelling or rescheduling otherwise you will lose one session if failed to cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours or same day cancellations.

We are always ready to receive your feedback or answer any questions you may have. Contact us today for assistance or booking at 0402539867. Find out more promotional services at the link below

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What’s The Best Thing to Give Your Lash Technician?

We can all agree that our lash technicians do a great job of ensuring that we look good and our natural lashes remain intact. This is an act that warrants some gratitude, not only in monetary compensation but also in kind. Lash extensions give us the kind of bold and beautiful look we desire. Such beauty also builds our confidence by making us feel good about ourselves. At Luxe Lashes by Angel, a lot has happened within the year 2020, which has made us learn and gain more experience. The longer experienced we have and with the best quality products, the faster and quicker we finished each client. Our aim is to improve our lash services through great products and lash treatment skills. We invite all our clients to try our services because we are ready to work our best to serve everyone. Are you looking for ideas on how to appreciate your lash technician? Here are simple things you can do.

1. Remove all the mascara before your appointment

Removing mascara is one of the most time-consuming and stressful activities to a lash technician. Coming for your lash service with no traces of mascara would be a perfect gift to your lash professional. This will make their work easier and in return make your treatment more detailed and enjoyable. It also enables your lash technician to attend to other clients, which will make it better for all of us.

2. Keep time

Luxe Lashes aims at providing quality services by giving each client enough time during lash extensions. The only way we can achieve this is when every customers honors their appointment by arriving on time. We appreciate if you do not arrive 30 minutes earlier or 30 minutes later. Please keep time to avoid session overlaps and delays to other clients who would be lining up for the service.

3. Treat your lash technician with respect

Just like any other job, lash treatment can be hectic, especially during the festive season when you have to attend to multiple clients and work long hours. This can be emotionally draining due to fatigue and other demanding tasks. Following simple rules can be a great gift to your lash technician. Please ensure that you remove your slippers or shoes before you hop onto the treatment bed to avoid staining the sheets. Our intention is to provide a clean working environment for all.

4. Understand your lash technician in certain situations

Luxe Lashes offers free retouches within 3 to 5 days of treatment in case there are problems with your lashes. However, we are unable to offer the free retouch after the five days elapse. Please respect our policy by paying for a fresh treatment if you come after the stipulated time.We technicians refer to our glue as DIVA. This is because lash glue is one complicated product that will work for you sometimes and fail you completely in other instances. However, with proper cleansing, perfect environment, correct humidity and temperature, the chances of success are high. Therefore, we treat our glue as our best friend and our biggest enemy also. Every session is a battle for us technicians because the glue causes restrain to our eyes, can stick too much and be hard to remove, or may jeopardize the whole lash extension procedure. Luxe Lashes understands the delicate balance of applying glue, we don’t want to neglect our duty of care by applying too much glue that may cause damages to your lashes. We offer free retouch in case your lashes start falling off too soon. We plead for your understanding when things don’t work out well sometimes. We want our clients to feel comfortable during the procedure, however, your technician need to feel comfortable also while working thats why we need you to be in a proper laying position in order for us to do the job easier. Sitting position is not possible for us to do a great job.

5. Good communication

Appointment cancellation are common due to unavoidable circumstances. However, we have problems with clients who call or mail to cancel their appointment on the same day. This is a big loss to us because it locks out other customers who would want to come for services on the same day. All we ask is to give us your commitment by honoring your appointment or canceling early enough.

6. Keep calm during the procedure

There are instances when clients are always on their phones receiving calls or trying to attend to other businesses. We also face clients who talk too much during the treatment, which makes our work more difficult. We urge our clients to remain calm and maintain one position to help us work with precision. Giving us the kind of space we need will make our job quicker and in the end help us to deliver high quality services.

7. Support your lash tech emotionally

As service providers, we have to deal with different clients, some who are polite and interesting, and others who are not too friendly. It’s never easy to deal with different personalities, not to mention how demanding our job is. We need emotional support to keep us going and to help us forget all family and career challenges. We all need a shoulder to lean on.
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Beauty Salon Lead Machine Masterclass

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In This FREE Resource, You’ll Discover… 

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Lash ArticlesYou will get to know a Lash Artist Life, 8 Tips to get you started in eyelash extensions business, Anatomy of the eye, Causes of eyelash extensions falling off, Emerging trends in eyelash extensions & 7 Ways to improve your lashing speed.

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Kimberly BaxterManager – Snap Fitness CBD

Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, ValueI would not choose anyone else to do my lashes! Mary provides me with a great, professional service in a comfortable environment. I love my free nap every time I visit but I LOVE my amazing lashes more! Thank you for making me look and feel more beautiful than ever! 💓💓💓💓💓💓

Sophea PhathMerchandising Supervisor – Coca-Cola

I’m so blessed to take up the course with Luxe Lashes by Angel. Mary my trainer she is such an inspiration to me, throughout the course she has guided me giving me helpful tips and also encouraged me through stressful times. I never knew anything about Luxe Lashes by Angel, but I wanted to do eyelash extension course and I found Luxe Lashes by Angel through Gumtree and I’m so glad that I’ve found Mary my trainer. My purpose in taking up this course was that I’m very passionate about having lashes because I feel that it uplift your looks and makes you feel more confident about yourself and also it’s one less thing you need to worry about when putting on makeup. I would definitely recommend Mary to all my friends and family if they are interested in doing lash extension course or just lash treatment. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience and making my dreams come true 😍😍

Adora Jane BonadeoFounder – House of Wings

I have been getting my lashes done for the last 3-4 years. I have been to about 5 or so different lash ladies. Some were great in the first 1-2 sessions and after, the quality and the long lastingness disappeared. Even trying to talk to them about the situation, they blocked me or said nasty things. I’m so happy I found Mary 💕 I do not have this problem at all! I have been coming to Mary for almost a year now. So it’s proof that her service doesn’t fade after time. Her quality of products are fantastic. Her methods and procedure are of high standards. The room setup is comfortable and she really takes into consideration the temperature of the room because this makes such a difference in the lash application. I also love the music she has playing! Thank you so much for being such a kind lovely person and remaining consistent in your work! 💓💓💓

Amira ZakariaFlight Attendant- Qantas

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, ValueThis is the best lash place ever for me. Mary was very professional. She is very precised with her work to make sure the best outcome. I am one of her returning customer because I trust her awesome job! Thank you! Feel pretty with my perfect lashes 🙂

Vicky Herbert

Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, ValueWithout a doubt, the most caring, affordable and professional Lash extension artist in Perth. Listens understands and exceeds clients individual needs and expectations, with fantastic results. After several years as a client and now friend, I cannot fault her honesty and expertise – the best in the West❣️ 😍

Irene Liando

Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, ValueMary is an amazing lash artist. Every visit is always professional and pleasurable. Love the work she does and the care she puts into her clients. Lashes always coming out beautiful 👌 

Sarah O’Dal

I can’t recommend Mary enough! I was one of those silly people that got a set done at a salon who advertised at a very low price. Well, you get what you pay for 😳 I honestly thought my lashes were destroyed and not able to have extensions put back on.. well Mary did the impossible! I left with light, fluffy, perfectly applied extensions! Struggled not to cry from happiness when I saw them as I didn’t want to get them wet! 2 weeks later and they STILL look perfect! Can’t wait for my refill visit!!

Allie Ignacio

Perfect lashes, every time! Ate Mary is the best tech I’ve come across in Perth Australia, definitely recommended.

Hanna Chambers

Mary Jean is a brilliant and professional Lash Artist. Not only is her work absolutely stunning, but she is an asset to the ‘Lash Community’ – always building up other artists, and sharing her vast knowledge. ✨

Debbie Gibney

Mary is an amazingly talented lash artists and trainer her lashes are to die for . Mary’s work is flawless . She is an an amazing lash trainer I have learned so much from her over the years ❤️

Hello, I’m Mary Jean JavierMy name is Mary and I’ve spent the past 10 years learning everything there is to know in the Beauty Industry.
The methods outlined in Business Mindset Modules that have been responsible for others to achieve what they have become today.
Without it, you’ll waste your time with spending so much time and money with all the different course out there and guessing how to get leads & sales and then wondering where it all went wrong. 
With this free business mindset modules, you’ll eliminate all the guesswork and will never again waste time or money in your pursuit towards getting your business up and running. Use it wisely and enjoy! You’re Only One Step To Kick-Start Your Business

Skip the trial and error by using this proven guide to shortcut your success. GET INSTANT ACCESS 

2020 All Rights ReservedLuxe Lashes by Angel103/996 Hay Street Perth Western Australia 6000Privacy Policy – Terms of Service

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Difference Between Classic, Russian Volume, Hybrid, and Mega Volume Lashes

What is the difference between Classic, Russian Volume, Hybrid, and Mega Volume lashes? Which is the best for me? Don’t worry; this article explains all you need to know about these four types of lash extensions.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions are the most common. Classic lash extensions come in a variety of fibres, commonly the Faux Synthetic Mink, which has a natural feeling and is the softest. The lashes are available in different thicknesses, lengths, and curls, determining how the finished set of lash extensions appears on each client.

These eyelash extensions require the process of carefully applying a single extension fibre to a single natural eyelash. This means a 1:1 ratio of one extension applied to one healthy natural lash. Therefore, you can only apply as many extensions as you have natural lashes.

The extensions are applied at approximately 0.5 millimetres away from the eyelid. The work needs to be done by a professional because it requires a great deal of precision and concentration. A set of lashes can have up to 150 extensions per eye, depending on how many natural lashes the client has and their desired look.

Classic eyelash extensions are the choice for you if you have a lot of natural lashes, but you want to add length and a defined curl, without applying mascara. Ensure the lashes are applied by an experienced professional because the continued poor application can lead to irreparable damage to your natural lashes.

Russian Volume

Russian Volume lashes are also known as 2D-6D lashes. They get this name because a more professional technique is used to apply them. The technician uses 2 to 6 super fine extensions with 0.07mm extensions and executes them into a fan shape before adding them to your natural eyelash. They result in a dense and fluffy look.

These lashes have only been possible through recent technological advancements in the eyelash extension manufacturing industry, which has created superlight and superfine extensions. Because about 2 to 6 lashes are created into a fan that is attached to a single natural lash, our natural lashes per eye have an average of 100 strands per eye so the technique allows the addition of about 600 extensions per eye. The best thing about the Russian Volume eyelash extensions is that they are super light, so you don’t feel any extra weight on your lashes.

If you have sparse lashes, these fans overlap and cover any gaps in the lash line, creating an illusion of having more lashes than you have. They appear better than classic eyelash extensions, which run the risk of looking “spidery.” With Volume eyelash extensions, your lashes look fuller, darker, and longer.

Of course, not every client wants to have 6D lashes, which means about 600 extensions applied to each eye. Russian volume eyelash extensions can be tailored to meet the clients’ needs, with as few as two extensions per natural lash.

They also have different lengths, thicknesses, and can be made narrow, medium, or wide. The length and thickness of your natural lashes will determine how big a fan can be applied. The health and safety of your eyelashes are the most vital!


Hybrid eyelash extensions are a combination of two different lash application techniques blended into one set of lashes. For instance, Classic and Volume eyelash extension techniques may be intermixed to create a fuller lash line. This allows manufacturers to be creative and try out different lash application skills.

The lashes are created by adding long lengths of classic lashes to a frame filled in between with volume extensions giving it a spiky textured appearance. This technique is perfect if you feel like you have a good quantity of lashes, but have some gaps. It results in an extraordinary rich dark volume set of lashes.

Mega Volume

Mega Volume lashes are quite similar to the traditional lashes we are familiar with. The only difference is the volume of lash extensions being used to create the fan and diameter of the extensions in the fan. A typical set of traditional volume lashes uses 0.07 extensions to make a fan, with up to 5 lash extensions. Mega volume sets, on the other hand, use 0.03mm, 0.04mm and 0.05mm lash extensions, which help to create a fan of up to 16 lash extensions attached to one natural lash if uses 0.03mm as the thinnest and lightest extensions and 8-9 lash extensions with 0.05mm

Mega lashes can be healthy for natural lashes if you apply them correctly. First, you need to isolate the extensions to prevent them from sticking with natural lashes, which can cause pain and damage to natural lashes. They also require just the right amount of adhesive and weight of the fan. Excessive weight can cause breakage of natural lashes.

Lastly, fans need to be symmetrical. Creating a fan where the extensions are equally spaced gives you a beautiful look as well as a weight balance, which keeps the natural lash healthy and strong.

Get in touch with Luxe Lashes to get any of these sets at the most affordable prices and learn about volumetric calculations.

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The Need To Share Our Experience In Lash Extensions

Mary has been in the eyelash extension business for three years now. She has learned every aspect of the business through her work as a lash professional. Her experience throughout the years has seen her develop from a home-based lash business in highgate and recently upgraded her fascilities in Perth CBD. Mary will be willing to offer advice and share her experience with other professionals.

Promoting Other Boss Babe

Mary has a passion for promoting other small business owners. Besides offering great eyelash extension services to her clients and helping people learn how to lash, she is also passionate about promoting other people and their businesses.

Are you looking for:

• Partnership with beauty experts to form a team?
• Partnership with lash extension technician and trainers?

• Lash experts looking for affordable lash supplies?
• Lash product suppliers looking for a healthy partnership with an experienced lash expert?

• Joining our partnership program?

• Content Marketing/Graphic Designs/Website for your online store?

Through our connection with a few clientele, we believe that partnering with other businesses in the lash industry will be a positive move instead of engaging in unhealthy competition.

Inviting Beauty Experts and Clients Alike

At, Luxe Lashes, we always aim at partnering with the best professionals in the lash industry. We are determined to bring on board top talent that will help us to continue growing. Therefore, we are inviting all beauty professionals to join us. No matter your area of professionalism, we are ready to partner with you and grow together. Our doors are open for therapists, nail artist, hair stylist and makeup artists. You don’t have to be a beauty professional to join us during this year’s exhibition; feel free to talk to us if you are looking to start your own business or by simply attending the expo because there is so much you will learn from our wide range of professionals.

Content Marketing / Graphic Designs/ Website Assistance

Selling your brand requires great marketing campaigns to attract more traffic to your page. Luxe Lashes will be helping professionals who need some assistance with online marketing. We can help with graphic designs and website advice and content creation for your business.

For more details about our promotional packages and other services please contact Mary at 0402539867 or email us at

Check the link below if you are looking for business partnership

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Local Business Partnership

Why promote your business to our clientele?

• 8000++ Instagram followers
• 1000++ website followers
• 1000++ Facebook page followers
• 7000++ Facebook friends from 2 accounts

• 500++ in our database
• We are member among the largest Facebook groups in Perth/ WA that have 5000-20000 members, which gives us a broader reach.
1. Promoting your goods/services to our clientele
 We are willing to promote your offer on our Facebook page, the Luxe Lashes Website and Blog, and Instagram.
 Provide an offer that results in a membership benefit, for instance a 10% discount, which will attract more business to you
The offer should be discussed to customers during/ before/ after our photo opp
Details of offer
□ Offer: 30 days free membership
□ Conditions: __________________________________________________________________________________________
2. Special offer from the Luxe Lashes for you, your employees and customers
 From $50 to $80 discount on any of our lash sessions (Classic, Russian Volume, Mega Volume)
 From 10% to 20% discounts on our lash training program and lash products.
Details of offer
□ For you and your employee:

$90 Russian Volume (Normally costs $140)
$100 Mega Volume (Normally costs 180)
 FREE CONSULATION for our lash services and training programs, product presentation of our quality mink trays and other tools.
3. Promoting Luxe Lashes by Angel Products and Services to Your Customers
In return for promoting your business to our clientele, we humbly request that you help to promote our lash business by simply:
 Making Luxe Lashes by Angel your exclusive lash extension local business partner. Don’t recommend, promote or accept partnerships from our rival lash extension businesses.
 Displaying our calling card / DL Flyers / Magazine near your cash counters or any other visible location.
 Displaying any promotional posters we may have from time to time.

 Allowing us, where possible, to attend, present or speak to your customers or staff members about our services.
We are Luxe Lashes by Angel, experienced lash professionals whose vision is to work with local business partners to form a mutually beneficial partnership. Our aim is to create a win-win relationship with other businesses to support and promote each other. Luxe Lashes by Angel is currently partnering with
> Snap Fitness, a company dedicated to promoting healthy living through professional inspired workouts.
We are in This partnership has enabled us to:
Promote the goods and services offered by Snap Fitness to our customers
• Provide a special promotional price for every Snap Fitness or their employee who visit luxe lashes for the first time
• Promote Luxe Lashes to the Snap Fitness clientele

Why a Snap Fitness Club is right for you?

They offer FREE 3 Day Trial
• Being a Snap Fitness Member, you will get discounts and receive exclusive gifts offered from all their local business partners
• They have 200 locations nationwide and 2000 globally there is Snap wherever you go
• They offer flexible membership options to suit all your lifestyle needs
• Have fun and stay motivated with Australia’s Trusted Workouts
• Personal Trainers are available to provide extra knowledge and guidance to assist you in reaching your goals
• You can train during the day or night in the comfort and security of their clubs
• Their clubs are always clean and provide you with the best training equipment and facilities
Snap Fitness Club Manager Perth CBD
Contact Kim at 0434626462
#Snapfitnessperthcbd #snapnation
Contact Mary at 0402539867 if you are interested in partnering with us! 🙂