We can all agree that our lash technicians do a great job of ensuring that we look good and our natural lashes remain intact. This is an act that warrants some gratitude, not only in monetary compensation but also in kind. Lash extensions give us the kind of bold and beautiful look we desire. Such beauty also builds our confidence by making us feel good about ourselves. At Luxe Lashes by Angel, a lot has happened within the year 2022, which has made us learn and gain more experience. The longer experienced we have and with the best quality products, the faster and quicker we finished each client. Our aim is to improve our lash services through great products and lash treatment skills. We invite all our clients to try our services because we are ready to work our best to serve everyone. Are you looking for ideas on how to appreciate your lash technician? Here are simple things you can do.

1. Remove all the mascara before your appointment

Removing mascara is one of the most time-consuming and stressful activities to a lash technician. Coming for your lash service with no traces of mascara would be a perfect gift to your lash professional. This will make their work easier and in return make your treatment more detailed and enjoyable. It also enables your lash technician to attend to other clients, which will make it better for all of us.

2. Keep time

Luxe Lashes aims at providing quality services by giving each client enough time during lash extensions. The only way we can achieve this is when every customers honors their appointment by arriving on time. We appreciate if you do not arrive 30 minutes earlier or 30 minutes later. Please keep time to avoid session overlaps and delays to other clients who would be lining up for the service.

3. Treat your lash technician with respect

Just like any other job, lash treatment can be hectic, especially during the festive season when you have to attend to multiple clients and work long hours. This can be emotionally draining due to fatigue and other demanding tasks. Following simple rules can be a great gift to your lash technician. Please ensure that you remove your slippers or shoes before you hop onto the treatment bed to avoid staining the sheets. Our intention is to provide a clean working environment for all.

4. Understand your lash technician in certain situations

Luxe Lashes offers free retouches within 3 to 5 days of treatment in case there are problems with your lashes. However, we are unable to offer the free retouch after the five days elapse. Please respect our policy by paying for a fresh treatment if you come after the stipulated time.We technicians refer to our glue as DIVA. This is because lash glue is one complicated product that will work for you sometimes and fail you completely in other instances. However, with proper cleansing, perfect environment, correct humidity and temperature, the chances of success are high. Therefore, we treat our glue as our best friend and our biggest enemy also. Every session is a battle for us technicians because the glue causes restrain to our eyes, can stick too much and be hard to remove, or may jeopardize the whole lash extension procedure. Luxe Lashes understands the delicate balance of applying glue, we don’t want to neglect our duty of care by applying too much glue that may cause damages to your lashes. We offer free retouch in case your lashes start falling off too soon. We plead for your understanding when things don’t work out well sometimes. We want our clients to feel comfortable during the procedure, however, your technician need to feel comfortable also while working thats why we need you to be in a proper laying position in order for us to do the job easier. Sitting position is not possible for us to do a great job.

5. Good communication

Appointment cancellation are common due to unavoidable circumstances. However, we have problems with clients who call or mail to cancel their appointment on the same day. This is a big loss to us because it locks out other customers who would want to come for services on the same day. All we ask is to give us your commitment by honoring your appointment or canceling early enough.

6. Keep calm during the procedure

There are instances when clients are always on their phones receiving calls or trying to attend to other businesses. We also face clients who talk too much during the treatment, which makes our work more difficult. We urge our clients to remain calm and maintain one position to help us work with precision. Giving us the kind of space we need will make our job quicker and in the end help us to deliver high quality services.

7. Support your lash tech emotionally

As service providers, we have to deal with different clients, some who are polite and interesting, and others who are not too friendly. It’s never easy to deal with different personalities, not to mention how demanding our job is. We need emotional support to keep us going and to help us forget all family and career challenges. We all need a shoulder to lean on.
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