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Lash Extensions make your eyes pop, which give you a bright-eyed look, which brightens up your whole face and thus — voila! makes you appear attractive and engaging. It’s easy because there is no downtime, no injections, no medications to ingest. It’s a look of a facelift without going under the knife. But of course, if you’re averse to laying in a supine position on a treatment bed in a pretty room, with soft music playing in the background, making you feel so relaxed or (gasp!) even sleepy, then this kind of me-time is not for you. But if you like the sound of all of the above, then go ahead and book an appointment on the link below 👇

Please help us avoid double bookings by using our new online booking to schedule your appointment. We will only accommodate clients through online booking.

Contact Mary on 0402539867 for more details or send us an email at luxelashesbyangel@gmail.com

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