Going for an eyelash extension session should not take much of your time. With some prior preparations, the session should take less than two hours to have your lashes done. As Luxe Lashes by Angel, we advise our clients not to rush or be rude to our technicians. Below are some Do’s and Don’ts before you come for your eyelash extension appointment:
  • Do not perm, tint or curl your lashes. This would make it difficult for extensions adhering to your natural lashes.
  • Take a shower and clean your hair before your lash appointment for hygiene purposes. You can actually wet your lashes or take shower even after your lash session but use cold water. Avoid hot water, sauna, steam for atlease 12 to 24 hours after your lash appointment.
  • Avoid wearing any kind of eye makeup- Ensure you remove all mascara if you are planning for eyelash extension.
  • Do not wear your contact lenses during the session- It is always good to ensure you are comfortable during the lash extension procedure. This will make it easy for you and the technician to have satisfactory results.
  • Carry an umbrella if you are coming for your appointment on a rainy day to keep your lashes dry.
  • We do not allow children or friends during the appointment because you will need to have your eyes closed. This makes the work easier, faster and more accurate for us when there are no distractions.
  • Book for your appointment 24 hours in advance to help us have a functional schedule. It also helps us prepare well to offer you quality services.
  • Be punctual- The earlier you arrive for your appointment the faster you will be served. It will also help in keeping time for the clients whose appointments follow.
  • Please do not rush or be rude to our technicians. Please be patient and voice any concern you may have in a polite way.
Our Refund Policy If, by any case, which is very rare, you experience falling out of lashes quickly than is normal, we will redo them free if you come within 3 to 5 days. If your look is not what you desire, please inform us so we can know the right size of lashes to use on you for better results. Strictly there are NO REFUND only quick fix. All available treatment options will be explained when you come for your appointment. You can raise any questions or concerns then. We are looking forward to s
ervinyou soon!

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