Luxe Lashes by Angel is happy to announce the release of our new Eyelash Extension Professional Training. Our training manual is a comprehensive guide on everything to do with eyelash extensions, from tips to step-by-step guides on various lashing techniques.

Our Eyelash Extension Professional Training is meant for beginners, lash clients and lash technicians who want to better their skills. It is jam-packed with recent information on eyelash extensions including:

• Eyelash extension application techniques
• Different materials used in lash extensions
• All the secrets of classic to advanced volume techniques
• Health risks (eye diseases and how clients stay safe from infections)
• Details about humidity levels ad drying time
• How to handle allergic reactions
• Eyelash extension aftercare
• How to properly store glue (especially fast-drying glues)
• Importance of the consultation process

This is just a snippet of what will be covered in our training manual. It is a must-have for lash beginners and professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge on artificial lashes.

Why study Eyelash Extension Training with us?

Our training contains detailed guidelines on various lashing techniques. You will learn every aspect of lashing including mapping, creating perfect fans and applying lashes. We have simplified everything so that beginners can easily understand lashing.

How much is the Complete Course?

$2,900 for the Complete Course Classic, Russian Volume & Mega Volume including Training Kit + Gst

What is Covered in Your Course?

We will provide the topics below with 100++ book pages to learn from.

History & Theory of Eyelash Extension

What is Classic

What is Russian Volume

What is Mega Volume

Eyelash Extensions Frequently Asked Questions

Preparation for Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extension Procedure

Health & Safety

Anatomy of the Eye


Client consultation and patch testing

Growth cycles and lash sheds

Proper use and storage of glue

Trouble shooting retension issues

Removing eyelash extension using gel remover

Removing one lash at a time
Removing a full set

Aftercare for best lasting results of eyelash extension

Basic points to follow for an eyelash technician

Client expectations and how to meet them

Fan perfection practice on sponge and on manequin

Working on real clients

Types of natural lashes – weak, healthy, strong – and assessing which type of lashes your clients have

How to assess the correct length, curl and thickness for the client

The science behind your products – this is paramount for getting good retention
The different Lash Curls, Thickness and Length

Lash direction, correctional work, creating uniformity and direction

How to do eyelash extension lash mapping

Lash styling

Creating symmetry between the eyes

Applying a full set of lashes

Infill procedure


How to peel the lashes off

Full Removal

Why we don’t infill others work

Client aftercare

Correct level of volume for clients

Correct use of length

Volume adhesives and the science behind them

Working with your Volume tweezers
The perfect fan

Fan consistency

Correct Volume fan bases (No T Bars)

Adhesive control and glue dipping

Attachment of the fan- the wrap technique

Volume lash/eye styling

Volume aftercare and cleaning

Volume infills

How to hold your tweezers correctly for perfect fans

4 different pick-up techniques

Product theory and the science behind them

Mega Volume tweezers

4 Mega Volume pick up techniques

Mega Volume fan perfection

The correct Mega volume fan

Fan mistakes

Why is Mega Volume safe?

Correct and incorrect fan placement

Mega Volume lash popular styling

Bonus eye styling section and with simple to follow styling guides

Mega Volume aftercare

How to hold your tweezers

How your tweezers work – the sweet spot

Volume lash angles

Mega Volume fanning using the technique(s) of your choice

Correct glue dipping technique

Mega volume precision fan practice

Full set application

How to price your sets

How to control your working environment

The formula for volume

Narrow and Wide fans

Correct glue dipping

Correct and incorrect placement

Popular lash styles

And so much more….

Here’s what I promise, all the following articles absolutely FREE when you train with Us!

☑ Business Mindset Modules 1-6 with over 100 pages

☑ Are You Aspiring to Start Your Own Business Article

☑ Learn About the Anatomy of the Eye Article

☑ Get to Know a Lash Artist Life Article

☑ 7 Ways to Improve Your Lashing Speed Article

☑ Emerging Trends in Eyelash Extensions Article

☑ Practice Sheet. 

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If you want to learn more about our Eyelash Extensions Training please free to contact Mary on 0402539867 or email at

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