Here are detailed answers to common questions posed on the subject of eyelash extensions.
Q. What is Classic Eyelash Extension?
Answer. This eyelash extension technique is an ideal one for people who have reasonably dense eyelashes but want to add length to them. In this method, one artificial lash is glued to one natural lash. This method is also referred to as the 1:1 method. Usually made from “Faux Synthetic Mink”, the eyelash extension fibers are soft and have a natural feel. These extensions are available with varying curls, different lengths, thicknesses, and lengths. Each of these attributes influences the final look.
Q. What is Russian Volume and why is it called so?
Answer. This is an advanced eyelash extension technique that adds dimension to natural eyelashes in a manner not possible with other eyelash extension technique. It implies a depth and volume to lashes that is not present with thinned out or short natural eyelashes. Luxe Lashes by Angel, with its skill and technical expertise with this form of eyelash extensions, gives its clients the desired look. This technique is also known as 3D Volume technique and the cluster of lashes is prepared in front of you.
It consists of a cluster of lashes with multiple lashes placed on a single natural lash. It results in thick and full lashes. The lashes are very fine, often having a diameter of around 0.05 mm to 0.07 mm. This enables stylists to attach two or more lashes to a single lash without causing any problem to the natural eyelash.
Such volume lashes are different from the false strip-lashed pre-fanned lashes. The resultant look with these lashes is natural and pleasing to the eyes. This extension type is so called because it was developed in Russia.
Q. What is Mega Volume?
Answer. This treatment involves the application of multiple ultra fine extensions that are lightweight to the natural lashes. Mega Volume set is usually ideal for a person who have a healthier and thicker natural lashes. 9 to 16 extensions are attached to each natural lash.
Q. What is the meaning of D in 2D, 3D,4D, 5D, 6D so on?
Answer. D stands for the number of lashes per natural lash. Therefore, 3D means a cluster of three lashes for every one natural lash; 4D indicates four such lashes, and so on.
Q. What are eyelash extensions?
Answer. Eyelash extensions are a revolutionary technology which allows individual strands of mink/silk synthetic eyelashes to attach to natural lashes with the help of a special glue or adhesive. These single strands of artificial lashes are curved to replicate the pattern of natural eyelashes and since they are applied individually to each single natural lash, they give your eyes a full and luscious appearance and look more natural and way more elegant than strip eyelashes.
The eyelash extensions are suitable for everyday wear in which case you will need regular refills, or you may wear them for special occasions.
Q. Do eyelash extensions come in different lengths and thicknesses?
Answer. Yes. The eyelashes are available in different lengths, curls and thicknesses. Length options: 6mm-14mm. Thickness options: 15mm-20mm. Curl options: B,C, CC, D, J & L. The J curl looks the most natural, but the C & D curl remains the most commonly requested by clients.
Q. How long does it take to graft the lashes?
Answer. The application of eyelash extension procedure requires a good deal of patience and concentration on the part of the lash stylist, but also the client. In order to get the job satisfactorily done, it must never be rushed. However, normally the grafting procedure takes anything between 1.15hours to 2hours for a full set and 45mins to 1.5 hour for a refill set. Refill sessions normally last about an hour. They will last the life of your natural lashes, typically 4 weeks or sometimes even longer given that you follow proper aftercare procedures.
Q. What do I do if I feel any irritation in the eyes or want the eyelashes removed?
Answer. If any time you feel any irritation or itchy sensation in your eyes or around the lashes, take a cotton swab and gently pat or message it over and around the eyes, keeping your eyes closed. Never rub your eyes or pull at the lashes. This may cause both the extension and the natural lash to fall out together. If you want the lashes removed, book an appointment with Mary at Luxe Lashes by Angel.
Q. What if my lashes fall off quickly after my appointment?
At Luxe Lashes, we can guarantee a FREE Retouch Policy. If your lashes fell off quickly, we will redo your lash extension set for free if you come back within 3 to 5 days after your last appointment with us. However, there’s a corresponding fee after the 5 days period.