Eyelash extensions are a beautiful and convenient way to enhance your natural beauty and decrease the your daily beauty routine. When asked why they get eyelash extensions, Luxe lash clients mention a wide range of benefits.

❖ Self Confidence Boost
Many, many luxe lash clients claim to wear less makeup and feeling better about their general appearance while they have eyelash extensions. Being able to literally roll out of bed and look like you are wearing full mascara and liner is an added boost in self-confidence

❖ Decrease time getting ready each morning
It may be contrary to what you assume, but many luxe lash eyelash extension clients are not extra glamorous women. A lot of of our clients are very active businesswomen, athletes, instructors, or moms who hardly wear much makeup . Eyelash Extensions give these clients just about enough of a glamour boost to feel contented not wearing any makeup at all during their exercise and day to day activities or simply adding light foundation and brows before heading out the door. Not feeling the need to wear a full face of makeup turns to less time getting ready every morning.

❖ Feel extra glamorous for vacation or special events
Most regular eyelash extension clients start out as special event clients. Their first visit to Luxe lashes might have been before a wedding, reunion, or special vacation. Lashes are a great beauty service to get, days prior to an event or vacation. The added touch of glamour will increase your self-confidence and will catch the attention of other interested parties.

❖ Say Goodbye to mascara and strip lashes
There is nothing worse than mascara gone wrong. Ranging from summertime humidity that causes a raccoon eye ,mascara always has an added level of spectacle to makeup. Nothing is more infuriating than spending time doing your makeup just to blunder at the end and have to repeat everything. The same goes with applying false eyelashes. You know the struggle of messing with the glue, trying to get the edges to stay down while not messing up your makeup. By investing in individual eyelash extensions, you can say goodbye to the chaos that comes with mascara and strip lashes for good.

Luxe lashes is proud to be among The Leading dealers in Eyelash Extensions. We value and appreciate your backing and reassurance to maintain this honorable position, and we will continue to do our utmost to satisfy our clients and consumers.


To be the most ground-breaking cosmetic brand, globally acknowledged and exclusively recommended by the world’s leading beauty experts.


Inspiring and endowing lives by delivering on our promise to provide ground-breaking beauty products, unmatched client support, and complete education.


• To have a positive impact on all the lives of clients who walk into Luxe lashes
• Exercise trustworthiness and honesty in everything
• Exhibit audacity and integrity at all times
• Fashion the standards of quality for our products, services, and education
• Embrace modernization and quality regulation to stand above the competition
• Create the standards of quality for products, services, and education
• To provide affordable services and standard quality products that get the job done


Empowering our clientele to feel comfortable in their own skin as confidence begins from comfort with oneself.

Why Luxe Is Your One-Stop Salon for All Eyelash Extension Needs?

As Luxe Lashes by Angel, we are proud of the progress we’ve made since we started offering eyelash extension and skin services. The challenges of this industry have made us better as we continue to understand customer needs. Our efforts are always geared towards improving our services so that we can offer the best eyelash extension to our clients.

Luxe is not only a business but a family that is concerned about the general welfare of its clients. That’s why we pay attention to the way we interact and treat everyone who visits our salon.

Enjoy top-notch services and high-quality products from Luxe Lashes by Angel designed to satisfy customers’ needs. 

Our goal is to please you in our operations to ensure you are happy with our approach to online shopping. Our mix of expertise and experience drive our business towards providing all you beauty needs. 

The Luxe Lashes by Angel customer service team is always ready to attend to your needs. If you’re not pleased with our products or services, feel free to contact us. We also appreciate customer feedback because we are always looking to improve your every sessions and shopping experience. Our motto is to deliver quality service to our customers at a more affordable as possible. You are assured of getting value for every dollar you spend. 

Also you can enjoy your shopping with reassurance that you’re dealing with a fine Australian owned and operated business.

What Makes Our Services Exceptional?

• We pay attention to detail- We employ great professionalism to apply each extension to your natural eyelash. This we do by ensuring that the health of your natural lashes is maintained.

• We aim for clump-free and damage-free eyelash extensions- All our eyelash extensions are high quality to serve the client for the recommended period. You can wear our extensions without the worry of premature falling off or damage.

• Customized look- We work with the client to know the kind of look they desire. Each client’s eyes are planned and customized according to their specifications.

• Our products are of the highest quality- We source our equipment and beauty products from the most recognized manufacturers around the world. This helps us to achieve great results whenever we apply eyelash extensions. Luxe Lashes does not compromise on the quality of glue, eyelash extensions, tools or any other beauty product.

• Hygiene and safety are our main priorities- Just like in the medical field, we exercise great caution when serving our clients. Our salon is clean and fully equipped with modern tools and products.

• We always assure a pain-free procedure- If the fear of pain is holding you back from having eyelash extensions, a visit to our salon will put your worries to rest. In fact, most of our clients take a nap during the lash extension procedure because the experience is relaxing and pain-free.

• We are a fully insured and registered business- Luxe Lashes has fulfilled all the requirements for our line of services, and we are glad to serve our clients in the most professional way.

• Creative Russian Volume Award Winning 1st Place *Frankie Widdows Eyelash Excellence

• 2nd Place 3D Volume and 2nd Place Mega Volume Lash Artist of the Year 2019 *Lash Inc International and contributed lash articles and lash works with *Lash Inc Magazine

• Lash Artist of the Year 2019 Nominee- This shows that we always put our clients first, follows health and safety guideline for personal services, and shows professionalism.

• Best Eyelash Extension Salon 2022 by World Salon Awards

What Do We Offer?

Affordable lash service and its your time to have a good nap!

We pay attention to detail

We aim for clump-free and damage-free eyelash extensions

Customized look– We work with the client to know the kind of look they desire. Each client’s eyes are planned and customized according to their specifications.

Our products are of the highest quality

Hygiene and safety are our main priorities

We always assure a pain-free procedure

We are a fully insured and registered business

Quick Service

Handcrafted Lashes

Free Retouch Policy

Money Back Guarantee from our Beauty Packages

An artist with exceptional skills that continuously updates her education with several certifications and diploma from business to eyelash extensions and skin specialists such as:

Education in Business Management & Business Masterclass

Hygiene & Safety Certificate

Basic Eyelash Extension Classic Certificate

Russian Volume Certificate

Mega Volume Certificate

Lash Lift & Brow Tint Certificate

Waxing Certificate

Facial Certificate

Full Body Massage Certificate

Holistic Microneedling Certificate

Diploma in Photography

Skin Care Specialist current studies such as:

Advanced Certificate in Dermatology

Diploma in Skin Care Formulation

Advanced Certificate in High Performance Serum Formulation

Formulating Facial Oil

Formulating Advanced Natural Deodorants

Formulating with CBD and Hemp Seed Oil

Formulating Vegan Skincare

Formulating with AHAs and BHAs

Formulating Body Serums

Natural Cosmetic Formulation

Formulating Face and Body Washes with Natural Surfactants

Mary uses the best quality skin care products for the skin so your skin feel so smooth and safe and so your lashes look natural, healthy and could last for an extended period of time.

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