Eyelash extensions are a true revolution in the fashion culture. They give women immense confidence and glamour helping them look and feel their best.

At Luxe Lashes by Angel, Mary offer professional lashes extension services and ensure that our clients get the best quality products. On top of that, we form a sisterhood over time with our clientele offering a reliable friendship bond. This enables us to be our authentic selves and have a safe space to share and seek advice about different life issues such as family, business, career or friendships and feel the support of the sisterhood. The friendship is empowering and when women are empowered, the entire community is empowered.

We are grateful for our loyal customers and on December 19, 2020, we held a Christmas party to appreciate them. The event was memorable and we all got the opportunity to get together, socialize and have fun together. Despite the covid19 pandemic stalling many 2020 plans including businesses and international travel worldwide, this event brought us together as a sisterhood where we always support each other through good times and bad times. We managed to treat ourselves, have a good time and keep a positive attitude and outlook on life in spite of the negativities especially for those of us who were far away from family.
In our sisterhood, we grow, enjoy life and have each other’s back in all moments making life sweeter and fuller. Some of the girls that have been with luxe for a while now include:


Adora Jane Bonadeo – She is the Owner of House of Wings and a Manager in the perfume department at MYERS. She have joined and won many beauty pageants here in Australia. She also got the title for the Best Catwalk Award in India. A very talented, smart, super tall and fit, beautiful and kind hearted. She has been a Luxe Lashes client for 3.5 years.

Catherine Joyce – Shes an accountant by profession and her love for the kids made her choose working in a child care institute. She was my tax agent even before Luxe Lashes by Angel and she started being our client ever since we started taking clients in 2016 which shows her loyalty and genuine friendship. She is pretty, smart, caring, loving, generous and very supportive.

I want to give thanks to some of the girls who have celebrated with us and sponsored foods/drinks and lend their genuine help and support including:

Irene Liando, Mary Maurice, Vickie Herbert who have been with us for nearly 4 years they are truly amazing and im super lucky for your loyalty and genuine friendship as well as Dhanisha Saini a new client whose currently holding 6 months package deal was there to support us. To my makeup artist Danni Van Elswijk who managed to cool me down with my facial massage end with an amazing makeup.

At Luxe Lashes, we cater to all sorts of clients including teachers, lawyers, doctor, nurses, waitresses, models, female truck & bus drivers, factory workers, factory owners, housewives, single mum, croupier, cleaners, real estate agents, celebrities or influencers, skin consultants, beauty therapists, personal trainers, salon owners, scientist, band singer and many more. People of different nationalities, ages, races and all demographics are welcome for our products and services.

We are dedicated to giving you value for your money. Our sisterhood also has a powerful impact and is empowering. True sisters always want to see you win, to grow and to be happy and you should want the same for them as well. Our strong bond gives us a safe place to share experiences and catch up with people who cheer you on at your best and encourage you at your worst. The common denominator amongst our loyal clients is that they are smart, patient, supportive, generous, beautiful with a golden heart. That is how we built a sisterhood supporting and inspiring one another. 🥰🤩💕💥💫

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8 Comments on “Sisterhood with Luxe Lashes

  1. Thanks for an amazing Christmas party! Was a lovely afternoon with some incredible women. Blessed to have you in our lives 😍

  2. Thanks Mary for organising such a fun and amazing Christmas Party for us, your clients!

    Thanks for the on going friendship and loyalty! You’re the best!

  3. Had a pleasure applying your makeup for the Christmas party ☺️ Great job with the set up.

  4. Hope you had a Great Christmas and New Years Ladirs!! Thanks so much Mary for always being so good at what you do. I super appreciate your dedication and the love you put in your work and to us girls xo

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