The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge to businesses and our normal lives worldwide. As most of us are aware, new infections are going through the roof here in Perth, averaging at around 8,000 cases per day. This is a great concern to the kind of work environment I work in and I’m more concerned about my health and that of my clients.

The government and various health bodies have for the longest time advocated for regular handwashing, social distancing, vaccination and use of masks to prevent the spread of the virus. But how effective are face masks in preventing the spread of COVID-19? Here is a sneak peek into the importance of wearing face masks when attending your lash sessions.

Types of Face Masks

Although this might seem like basic knowledge, it’s imperative to understand the different types of face masks and their safety levels.

Cloth Masks –This kind of mask is meant to trap respiratory droplets that people release while talking, coughing, or sneezing. It protects you from inhaling droplets released by others. If you opt for this kind of mask, make sure it has more to layers of protective fabric to reduce the chances of contacting the virus. You should also consider buying several pairs and washing them on a regular basis.

KN95 Masks – This type of mask is medically known to meet various international standards. It is more protective compared to other types because it filters small and large respiratory particles. Always ensure you buy genuine KN95 masks.

Medical Masks/ Surgical Masks – These are the most common types of masks due to their affordability and effectiveness. They offer good protection from harmful droplets and are able to filter large droplets. Always ensure your mask fits and covers your nose and mouth perfectly. Dispose of your mask safely after use.

N95 Masks – This type of masks checks almost all the boxes in terms of meeting international medical standards. It offers better protection from respiratory viruses and covers the mouth and nose perfectly. Although N95 masks are meant to be disposable just like surgical ones, there have been suggestions from experts that they can be disinfected and reused.

Correct Use of Face Masks

The main purpose of a face mask is to protect you from inhaling particles released from other people when they talk, sneeze or cough. It also protects other people from inhaling particles from your mouth during normal interactions. Here is a number of pointers to make the best out of face masks:

• When wearing a KN95 or N95 mask, make sure it fits and covers your nose and mouth perfectly.
• Buy face masks that come with bendable nose strips to ensure air doesn’t leak out of the top of your mask.
• Always wash or sanitize your hands before touching your mask.
• Dispose of your used mask in a sealable bag until you get rid of it.

Bringing Pets or Other Companions to Your Lash Session

Pets face the same risks as human beings when it comes to contacting COVID-19. Although some of us enjoy bringing our animal friends to salons and other public places, it’s no longer a good idea with regard to health. With pets walking down contaminated streets, they can get infected with COVID-19 and pass on to us whenever they get into contact with our treatment beds.

As much as we want to tag our friends along when visiting the salon, it goes against COVID-19 safety concerns. It is a risk that we want to avoid so as to prevent or reduce person-to-person infections. In case you want to have someone accompany you to a lash session, please advise them to wait in the lobby area. Our aim is to minimize the number of people in the treatment area. This will help us to commit to all our appointments and continue offering reliable services to our clients.

Appeal to Our Clients

Every service that includes one-on-one contact with clients can expose both the client and the expert to the risk of contracting the virus. With that said, we are appealing to our clients to consider wearing masks, sanitizing and following all medical guidelines during lash sessions. Please wear your mask before, during and after your lash session.

Mary is not willing to accept clients who are not willing to wear their masks and take the Rat tests when necessary and we also require a screenshot copy of your covid certificate, to prevent and avoid risk for everyone. Luxe Lashes is taking all health measures to keep our working space medically fit. We will be providing hand sanitizers, water and soap to our clients. We will also continue disinfecting our treatment beds and other equipment on a regular basis.

Kindly bear with us until the pandemic is under control then we can go back to our normal operations. Remember, it’s your duty to protect yourself, the elderly, children and others by observing all health protocols.

Welcoming Our New and Return Clients

Luxe Lashes has amazing deals for all our clients. We are ready to serve you and meet your lashing needs in a safe and comfortable space. All our services will run normally for our clients who are willing to follow all the medical guidelines.

Please reschedule when you are having symptoms or in contact of someone with C-19. With the number of active cases now hitting highs of 40,000, let’s give this the seriousness it deserves.

Let’s stay safe and protect each other. Thank you so much for your kind consideration and respect!🤗❤

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