In order to get most of your eyelash extensions, it is imperative that you closely follow the aftercare directions as provided by your eyelash aesthetician. Proper aftercare ensures longer life of your extensions but also overall good ocular health.

So, below are the most important and basic post-treatment tips we provide to all our clients. 

The first 6 to 12 hours hours post the application of extensions is the most important period of your aftercare. The glue that bonds the extensions to your natural lashes takes about 6 to 12 hours to cure properly. It is therefore necessary that you don’t get your lashes wet during this period, otherwise the adhesive will not get enough time to dry and won’t be able to provide a strong, resilient bond. 

First of all, you must avoid showering straight after the procedure. If you feel like you must take a shower, wait after atlease 6 hours. During shower you must roll up a dry washcloth and place it over your newly-done lashes so that even if they take some water, they won’t get completely wet. However, we will still strongly advise against taking a shower for at least 6 hours after the procedure. 

Similarly, you should avoid swimming for the first 24 hours and also any exposure to heat, steam or too much of a humid weather. Which means steams, saunas, or solariums are a strict no-no during this period. 

Again, we strongly discourage any tinting or perming done on your lashes (why must you perm a perfectly done eyelash anyway?!). If you are having any treatment that requires applying chemical peels or laser or hydroxyl treatment around your eyes, fix an appointment date later than 24-48 hours after extension treatment. Even afterwards when you turn up at your therapist, inform him that you had had a lash extension procedure done recently. 

Once the first 6-12 hours have passed, you can carry on with your normal routine but you still need to maintain some basic precautions. For instance, you must never use any oil-based moisturizer or cleanser or makeup. At Luxe Lashes by Angel (Mary Jean Javier), we recommend our own carefully prepared list of after care products. 

Never wear mascara when you have got extensions attached to your lashes as the abrasive substances in common mascara products will shorten the life of your extensions. Never to mention you will just make it harder for your technician to work on your lashes during the lash infill, other than that, it will cost you more if she have to remove your eyelash extensions completely. Again, if you must use it sometime, use water-based mascara in a thin line. At Luxe Lashes, we offer our unique brand made mascara to wear over eyelash extensions. As for eyeliners, use only liquid, gel or powdered eyeliners. 

We also advise against using eyelash curlers as they can cause damage both to your natural and synthetic lashes. But if you need use them sometime, we recommend using heated curlers instead of mechanical ones. 

Do not touch or play with your new lash extensions. If you feel an irritation in the eyes, you can pat them gently with your hands or with a cotton swab, but never rub your eyes. You may brush your lashes sometimes, especially after taking a shower, but do it gently and always in an upward motion. 

In order to keep your lashes in proper shape, you will need a refill every 2-3 weeks for regualr maintainance. We highly recommended for every regular clients to have 1 new set then 2 to 3 refills only and due to build up of glues then we will have a removal and new set every after 2-3 infills. We also request all our clients to not wear any oil-based makeup when they show up to their refill appointments. 

At the end of your first appointment at Luxe Lashes, you will be detailed all instructions on how to take proper care of your eyelashes. Please try to follow the instructions as closely as possible and we guarantee that your eyelashes will stay nice and fine till your next refill.

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