Luxe Shampoo & Sealant Kit

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Kit Includes:

Luxe Shampoo

Cleansing Brush

3x Hydrating Eyepads

Coating Sealant

Carry Bag


Our Luxe Shampoo is an eye-cleaning product specially designed for eyelash extension. The rich foam can completely remove the eyelashes make-up and it can deeply cleanse the eyelashes and dirt and strengthen the stability of the eyelash extension.

It is suitable for daily cleaning and removing and removing make-up and to increase the durability after eyelash extensions. A gentle moisturizing formula that keep the eye nearby in moisture, maintains the eyes clear and tender.


Squeeze out a proper amount of foam, apply a small brush to the foam and brush the eyelashes from top to bottom in the direction of the eyelashes about 1-2 minutes. Rinse the eye with saline solution or purified water until the foam is clean. Finally, use a cotton pad to blot the water around the eyes and eyelashes.


Water, Aloe carbohydrates, Oil free.

The coating sealant is an aftercare product to maintain the strength of your lash adhesive by creating a barrier against oils, dust particles, water, humidity and sweat. Additionally, it prevents extensions from twisting and makes them look beautiful through gloss and moisture.


♡Extends life of eyelash extensions. They usually last 50 to 100% longer with continued & proper use

♡Provides shine, appearance of thickness and lively look

♡Cut down on the costly touch-up sessions;onsider it a low cost home-care kit for your lashes

♡Perfect with Eyelash Lab’s Specially Formulated Mascara for Extended Lashes

♡Invisible layer of sealant moisturizes otherwise dried coarse lashes and adds adhesion power

♡ Made in and imported from South Korea


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1 review for Luxe Shampoo & Sealant Kit

  1. Kim Jones

    I needed this in my life for my lashes I had no idea you could wash your lashes now I am hooked and innformed thank you Mary

    • Luxe Lashes by angel

      Thanks so much! Appreciated your review 🥰🤗

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