Mary has been in the eyelash extension business for three years now. She has learned every aspect of the business through her work as a lash professional. Her experience throughout the years has seen her develop from a home-based lash business in highgate and recently upgraded her fascilities in Perth CBD. Mary will be willing to offer advice and share her experience with other professionals.

Promoting Other Boss Babe

Mary has a passion for promoting other small business owners. Besides offering great eyelash extension services to her clients and helping people learn how to lash, she is also passionate about promoting other people and their businesses.

Are you looking for:

• Partnership with beauty experts to form a team?
• Partnership with lash extension technician and trainers?

• Lash experts looking for affordable lash supplies?
• Lash product suppliers looking for a healthy partnership with an experienced lash expert?

• Joining our partnership program?

• Content Marketing/Graphic Designs/Website for your online store?

Through our connection with a few clientele, we believe that partnering with other businesses in the lash industry will be a positive move instead of engaging in unhealthy competition.

Inviting Beauty Experts and Clients Alike

At, Luxe Lashes, we always aim at partnering with the best professionals in the lash industry. We are determined to bring on board top talent that will help us to continue growing. Therefore, we are inviting all beauty professionals to join us. No matter your area of professionalism, we are ready to partner with you and grow together. Our doors are open for therapists, nail artist, hair stylist and makeup artists. You don’t have to be a beauty professional to join us during this year’s exhibition; feel free to talk to us if you are looking to start your own business or by simply attending the expo because there is so much you will learn from our wide range of professionals.

Content Marketing / Graphic Designs/ Website Assistance

Selling your brand requires great marketing campaigns to attract more traffic to your page. Luxe Lashes will be helping professionals who need some assistance with online marketing. We can help with graphic designs and website advice and content creation for your business.

For more details about our promotional packages and other services please contact Mary at 0402539867 or email us at

Check the link below if you are looking for business partnership

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