In recent days, eyelash extensions have fast become a prominent feature that accompanies a lady’s make up. Many of the ladies and beauty companies have fully embraced the trend. It is not just about trying a new fashion; most of the people know exactly how important eyelashes are in enhancing a person’s look. Take a walk in any major city and you will note how popular eyelash extensions have become. We have taken the time to scan the trends and compiled a few of the latest trends in this world of beauty.

Mink Eyelash Extensions

Some time back, many people disliked to have eyelash extensions because they did not last long, so one had to visit a salon every now and then to maintain them. However, the industry has adopted the use of actual hair to make extensions. These are sourced from the tail of Chinese or Siberian minks. They lack the shiny effect that makes eyelashes seem fake, are soft and feathery, light in weight and thin. Definitely, they are the most realistic one could use as they are very natural. Who wears this kind of extensions is a question one may ask. You will be surprised to find out that most of the finest models and celebs like Beyoncé use them. Yes, Beyoncé wears mink eyelashes. The eyelashes last longer because they are the thinnest you can get. For those people who feel like eyelash extensions are a burden, well, it has been reduced for you. Again, if you desire to increase their volume, this would be so easy to do. You can get to maximum volume and length. Unfortunately, this kind of eyelash extensions has some few demerits. Mink eyelashes flop down if they get wet. They also lose the curl, which forces you to style them every day and get maintenance after some time. This forces you to take extra care in the shower. Secondly, these hairs come from animals. Isn’t it cruel to take hair from an animal? If you think about that, or if you have animal hair allergy, these are not the extensions for you. The mink eyelashes are also quite expensive. Luxe Lashes by Angel has come up with better ways of avoiding these demerits by providing artificial mink products. With this, there are no animal killings and you get lashes that are soft, durable, healthy and look natural.

Deconstructed Lash Line

One of the prominent make up trends towards the end of 2016 was the deconstructed lash line. It is created by mixing soft volume lashes with the individual sets. The lengths used are different. Many clients visiting salons that offer eyelash extensions have quickly adopted this trend. Some of the celebrities that have done this include Gigi. The creation of this is to create space among the extensions so that the eye can seem wider. Through this, most of the volume is built at the base.

The Strong Curl

The best makeup lines have been seen to lean towards sexy, but highly wearable make up. This is unlike the trend that was being adopted by color blocks that were favored by seasoned fashion designs. The new trend is to have long, lightly applied and lean extensions. All the hairs are packed a punch though with a mean curl. The curl has been adopted by Taylor Hill.

Lash Enhancement Tattoos

You may be surprised by this, but yes, eyelash tattoos are a thing. In fact, it appears as if they are the next big thing in beauty treatment. One may get chills when you think about having a needle anywhere near your eyelids. However, the results are truly amazing. The enhancement looks like you have a light, permanent eyeliner improved by a natural finish. It is done by tattooing a light black line of ink across the lash line. Most of the people who have done this treatment use a European tool called the Nouveau Contour. The method uses a light needle. This tool tattoos in between lashes to create an illusion of a darker, thicker eyelid full of lashes. The major advantage of this procedure is that it lasts about 3-5 years. It can be performed to your lower or top lash line, or both, so that they can be easily seen on your face. The process sounds complicated and delicate, so of course, it comes at a heavy price. In some cities, it costs as high as $800, but usually ranges slightly above $400. If you think about it, however, it is a major investment as you will go without eyeliner or mascara for 3-5 years.

The Smudgy Eye

In 2017, it has been noted by Vogue that the smudgy eye is taking over the lash industry. To accompany this, lighter, leaner eyelashes are being used to enhance the look as opposed to dominating. With all these trends, the best service you can receive that will truly enhance your look is having your stylist tailor your look based on the bone structure, eye shapes and the eyebrow line. Your eyes are your most beautiful feature. Luxe Lashes by Angel offers great eyelash extension services to clients in Perth, Australia and beyond. For advice on the right type of eyelash extensions for you, visit

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