Eyelash extension has gained popularity in recent times. Many women are considering reviving their depicted eyelashes by carrying out eye extensions. Although eyelash extension is a good practice that restores beauty, the risks arising from allergic reactions are something that we cannot overlook. Even though these allergic reactions may be quite uncommon, they can still occur. Allergic reactions have attracted much attention from medical experts as well as the media recently. There have been numerous cases of eyelash extension infections, injuries, and allergic reactions.

Below are some of the best ways of preventing allergic reactions from eyelash extensions.

Take Antihistamine Allergy Medication

Taking allergy medication such as Benadryl will help prevent an allergic reaction as it relieves the discomfort and pain associated with eye allergies like swelling, irritation, and redness. Most of the Antihistamine medicines are easily available and can be purchased over the counter.

Ensure you seek a doctor’s advice before going for these medications. Furthermore, ensure you follow the directions and advice on the medicine package for correct usage and dosage. Taking this medication before an eyelash extensions appointment will help prevent allergy before, during and after the appointment if it was to happen.

Cool Compress Your Eyes

Applying cool compress to your eyes immediately after rinsing them provides a soothing effect to the eye area that reduces swelling. Using frozen gel eye mask or bags of ice could be the best option for this practice as they offer a cooling sensation, hence helping the eye to relax. You can choose to sleep while wearing a cooling gel eye mask overnight to attain full relaxation and soothing for your eyes.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Rubbing a small amount of Aloe Vera gel on the skin around your eye will help prevent it from being red or itchy. Aloe Vera gel contains amino acids, polysaccharides, sterols and lipids that are responsible for skin relaxing, sunburn treatment, and soothing of the eye skin. You can also use Aloe Vera to prevent irritation.

Have a Proper Aftercare Program

Ensure you have a proper aftercare program that will ensure your new lashes do not fall off. Do not wet your eyes until 48 hours are over because water will damage your lashes. Keeping a clean skin around your eye region helps prevent any possible allergic reactions as all bacteria are cleaned off. Good eyes and healthy eyelashes flourish the skin, making it hard to be irritated. Seeking the advice of an eyelash tech could be the best option, as they will provide professional advice and guidelines of the best aftercare program to prevent any allergic reaction.

Remove All Adhesives

If you encounter frequent allergic reactions to your eyes whenever you go for eyelash extensions, you should consider getting the adhesive in the lash extensions removed. Ensure you seek the services of a professional beautician when removing the adhesive to prevent damaging the eyelashes. Furthermore, professional beauticians ensure they remove all traces of epoxy resin and the allergens that may be causing allergic reactions. Coconut oil can work perfectly if you decide to do the adhesive removal at home. Ensure you follow removal guidelines from a professional.

To effectively minimize and prevent risks of allergic reactions and irritations from eyelash extensions, consider seeking advice from professionals such as Luxe Lashes by Angel. We are a home-based beauty and cosmetics organization devoted towards offering outstanding eyelash extensions. Ensure your future eyelash extension appointments are handled with extreme caution and by professionals. Feel free to visit us or schedule a consultation for more information on eyelashes and how to prevent possible allergic reactions.

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