Eyelash extensions are beauty products meant to improve the appearance of a person. However, when these extensions last for several days or weeks, they start to fall apart, causing an awkward imbalance of the length and the uniformity of the eyelash lines. This brings many people to this pertinent question; what are the best ways to remove eyelash extensions safely and expertly?

Remember that eyelashes are part of your facial appearance. If you conduct this exercise haphazardly, not only are you going to experience pain and discomfort, you are also likely to destroy your original eyelash composition and your beauty in general. Read on to know how you can remove your eyelashes perfectly.

Check the Quality of the Eyelashes You Get

In fact, this is one of the most significant aspects that need to be at your fingertips. Remember that most beauty problems start with the quality of particular products you use. If you get low quality lashes or ones that are cumbersome to work with, you are likely to get negative results at the end. You will have difficulties removing the lashes because they will not be aligned well. This means it is important to ascertain that the particular eyelashes you get are of the right quality, easy to fix, and when the time comes to remove them, they are not very sticky and stubborn to come out.

Ensure That the Eyelash Extensions Are Fixed in the Right Manner

For people who do their own lashes, it is likely that they will apply too much glue when fixing the extensions. Consequently, when removing the extensions, it becomes quite hard because the lashes are tightly attached to the natural eyelashes. This makes the work cumbersome and results in painful experiences. You might also destroy your natural eyelashes.
You can avoid such problems by seeking the assistance of an expert. A visit to the beautician would yield competent and highly reliable results.

Understand the Time the Eyelashes Are Supposed to Last

This is one of the most imperative aspects that most people fail to consider. If you extend the period that you are supposed to have your lashes, it is possible that you will experience difficulties removing them. Your natural eyelashes are continuously growing, and if you have extensions for longer than necessary, they start to interweave with the natural eyelashes. This will have a negative effect on the growth of your natural lashes. It is wise to make certain that you remove the extensions when their prescribed time is over.

Protect Your Eyes and Skin at All Times

In case you use eyelash removing lotions or any other product, make sure that they do not compromise your eyes and face in any way. Some beauty products could be harmful to the facial skin and eyes due to varying factors. When shopping for eyelash removal products, make a point of checking their expiry dates and other relevant information for example their ingredients and application formulae. In the end, you will most likely settle for those particular products that are healthy to use, thus ensuring your face as well as your eyes are not damaged in the process.

Gently Steam Your Face before Removing the Extensions

This is one of the most hidden secrets to successfully eliminate eyelash extensions. In a bid to loosen the extensions, it is advisable to first steam your face with hot water or a very warm face towel. The essence of doing this is that it helps in relaxing the extensions, making them easy to detach from your lashes. This in effect helps in eliminating pain and at the same time, the extensions are less likely to damage your original eyelashes or your facial skin in the process.

If you decide to remove your lashes on your own, ensure you have the right tools and that you understand the procedure well. If you are not sure about the whole process, please visit a professional.

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