Luxe Lashes by Angel is now offering you a chance to refer a friend and reward yourself. All you need to do is share the products and services you love with your friends and family and earn $20 in reward money to use on future service bookings or purchases. Your referrals also get a $20 discount.

Ready to start sharing? REFER NOW!


Earning rewards money is simple and easy. Joining the rewards program allows you to get discounts to share, cash for yourself, and free orders or services.



Becoming a Luxe member gives you the opportunity to share the products and services you love with your friends and family and save or earn cash.


When you refer your friends, family, and followers to Luxe Lashes by Angel, they get a $20 discount on their first purchase of Luxe products or any services they book with us.

For the rewards to apply, their minimum purchase must amount to $130 and above. When your referee makes a booking amounting to $130 or more, you get $20 in rewards. The same also applies when they purchase products amounting to $130 or more.

This means that you can earn as much as $40 per person you refer to us.

You can keep earning $20 each time you refer a friend, family member, or follower who makes a $130 minimum purchase in products or services.


When you make your first booking or purchase with Luxe Lashes by Angel, click any service of your choice in the booking link. For instance, you can select the Ageless Beauty Treatments for $399 or the New Client Promo for $130.

After that, write a note indicating your name and that of your referral.

You can then use referral code: LUXE20 whenever you want to buy any beauty packages or products on our website

It is also possible to become our ambassador and get your own promo code.

Contact Mary on 0402539867 for further discussion or any inquiries you may have on our referral program.

If you were referred to Luxe Lashes by Angel and want to make a booking, click the booking link and select the New Client Promo $130 button. Ensure to leave a note indicating your name and that of the person who referred you.

Share your code with new customers!

If you are the referral and you want to make a booking with Luxe Lashes by Angel, click the booking link select New Client Promo $130 button, write a note, put your name and the person who referred you.

Share your referral code: LUXE20

Sample Note:

*Jennifer E. was referred by Mary J LUXE20

This new referral program will allow you to earn $20 in rewards for all new clients you refer. You can also earn rewards from existing customers who book any lash or beauty packages for the first time. You also get an additional $20 when they buy products worth over $130, which they have never purchased before.

Keep earning endless Rewards Money everytime you have new customer referral who will purchase or book with Luxe Lashes by Angel

Can you receive your reward in cash?
Yes. It is possible to save all your rewards money and use your earnings on our website to get free services or products. You can also request cash or bank transfer when your rewards hit $110 or more.

Ready to start sharing? REFER NOW!

Leave a review and earn now!

Luxe Lashes by Angel is gifting our client who have avail any of our beauty packages such as Golden Beauty Voucher, Ageless Beauty Voucher, Come-Hither Look Voucher, Ultimate Beauty Voucher, Luxurious Pampering Voucher & Eyelash Extensions New Client Voucher. You have a chance to get rewards by leaving reviews on our website products on any of our lash and skin vouchers only. Our website shop has 5 vouchers beauty package and same goes with our beauty package blogs you will receive $5 for each review contributed. Check the beauty packages link below, So, you can earn more if you leave reviews on multiple products.

You can redeem your reward money anytime by using Luxe Lashes by Angel discounted services.

You can also book appointments equal to the amount you have amassed from the reviews.
This is your chance to enjoy beauty services at a discount. Leave a review today and start earning!

Contact Mary straight to 0402539867 to discuss the referral program or any questions you may have.

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