Flawless Expert + Clear Adhesive

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Attain perfect eyelash attachment using our Luxe adhesive. We offer two types of adhesives: silver and gold. Our adhesives have a shelf-life of 6 months before opening and 2 months after opening.

Our silver adhesive has a drying time of between 0.1 and 0.5 seconds while the gold one has a drying time of between 0.5 and 1 second. Both adhesives have durability of between 40 to 50 days and do well at a humidity of 40 to 50 %. They are made of PMMA, Carbon Black, and Cyanoacrylate.


Introducing the Flawless Expert + Clear Adhesive – a fast drying and strong lash bond that guarantees success! With a drying time of 1-2 seconds, this heaven sent adhesive is our top-notch product. Formulated with the best ingredients like Ethyl Cyanoacrylate and PMMA, it ensures a secure and long-lasting hold. However, caution is necessary as this flammable product should only be used by professionals. Keep it out of reach of children and store it safely. Achieve flawless lashes with this unbeatable adhesive today!


Drying Time: 1 – 2 Seconds

Best Temperature: 15 to 25 Degrees ( do not store lower than 10 Degrees

Best Humidity: 50% – 70%

Shelf Life Unopened: 4-5 Months

Shelf Life Once Opened: 4-5 Weeks


Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, PMMA, Hydroquinone, H20


After each use, clean glue tip thoroughly with lint-free nozzle wipes immediately before putting cap back on and keep lid tightly closed.

For Professional Use Only.

Do not use cotton or lint products when using this adhesive as it will cause a chemical reaction and may cause burns. This product is flammable, keep in a safe place at all times and out of reach of children ( recommended to store in glue housing or jar). If product comes into contact with skin and eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical attention.

1 review for Flawless Expert + Clear Adhesive

  1. Tania Ross

    Love this adhesive and it dries really quickly

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