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Luxe Shampoo

Our eyelash shampoo cleanses eyelashes by removing all make-up in readiness for the application of fresh lashes. Luxe Shampoo deep cleans your lashes to remove all the dirt and make your lash extensions more stable. You can use it on a daily to clean or remove makeup from your lashes.



An eye-cleaning product specially designed for eyelash extension. The rich foam can completely remove the eyelashes make-up and it can deeply cleanse the eyelashes and dirt and strengthen the stability of the eyelash extension.

It is suitable for daily cleaning and removing and removing make-up and to increase the durability after eyelash extensions. A gentle moisturizing formula that keep the eye nearby in moisture, maintains the eyes clear and tender.


Squeeze out a proper amount of foam, apply a small brush to the foam and brush the eyelashes from top to bottom in the direction of the eyelashes about 1-2 minutes. Rinse the eye with saline solution or purified water until the foam is clean. Finally, use a cotton pad to blot the water around the eyes and eyelashes.



Water, Aloe carbohydrates, Oil free.


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