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Luxe Events Hire Perth

Do you want a reliable source for anything beauty and event related? Looking to rent and use it for one day event instead of paying in full price? Then you’re in the right place for sure. We are your one stop shop for your beauty and special event needs. Our services include eyelash extensions, skin treatments, hair and beauty products and all party needs.

Mary has vast experience in this field having been an event organizer for about 6 years. You can hire her services for your special events such as birthdays for kids and adults, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries, corporate events, christmas parties, photography events and more. We can offer special package deals to organize your event or you can simply hire the equipments below all at affordable prices.

Balloons + Balloon Arch Kit Set Décor  This décor is applicable for any event – Perfect for bridal and baby showers, weddings, BBQs, graduations and more. The Balloon Arch is easy to use and assemble. You could tell us any style and theme colors you like to decorate your event.

Balloons + Balloon Arch Kit Set + Plinths + Cake Stands Décor~》  This décor is applicable for any event – Perfect for bridal and baby showers, weddings, BBQs, graduations and more. The Balloon Arch, Round Plinths and Cake Stands are easy to use and assemble. You could tell us any style and theme colors you like to decorate your event.

Flower/Shimmer/Sequence/Green Wall Backdrop Décor~》We offer a beautiful, versatile backdrop ideal for studio, club, event or home photography.

Gold/White Round Iron Plinth Cylynder + Cake Stands~》table stands for wedding, birthday, baby shower and any event party.

14Pcs/9Pcs/6Pcs/5Pcs/3Pcs Cake Stands cake stands for wedding, birthday, baby shower and any event party.

90 inches Hi-Sense TV with Stand ~》to broadcast your event to your audience over a restricted geographical location or use it for music and games. We can provide karaoke microphones for karaoke fun night.

40CM Light Foldable Photo Studio Portable Mini Photography Box Led Kit Tent Cube~》It is made of quality materials and is highly reflective to light to make objects more dimensional in photo. The folding design makes it stable, easy to set up and convenient for storage.

Photography Vinyl Green Leaf/Flower/Black/Blue/White/Green Screen Backdrop, Softbox & Stand Kit~》 This is essential background equipment for home or studio photography. Its advanced technology provides comfortable grip, and prevents background spillage. This is made to soften hard light and eliminate shadows. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor portrait photography shooting, studio video, etc. This is an accessory for studio portrait, costume, microfilm, and TV live background photography. It forms soft light to solve the problems of colour interference, shadow and so on.

Satin Sashes for Wedding, Hen, Birthdays

Hollywood Mirrors Xcellerator and Luvo Crystal Vanity with hall stands~》
It is a classic modern style mirror that provides perfect lighting for best visibility and crystal clear mirror reflection for your makeup routine, even at night.

Flower-Shaped & Constillation Beam Lapms~》This lamp will form a flower rose shaped and dazzling like a diamond, the homey colours and illumination create a magnificent atmosphere.

Home Beauty Devices such as microdermabrasion, ipl laser hair removal, body sculpting handset, face contour handset, 7 Colors LED Mask, 3 in 1 slimming & beautifying machine, face steamer and more..

We can supply selfie ring lights, photo booth & digital camera.

We can also supply photographers, videographers, band singers (solo, dual, quartet, or more).

We can also provide food catering and venue..

Since 2008 – 2013 (Philippines), Mary had experienced in events spe­cial­iz­ing in con­cert pro­duc­tion, pri­vate par­ties, bazaar exhibits, artist and venue book­ing, celebrity and model book­ing, talent coordination,cor­po­rate events, weddings, sup­plier coor­di­na­tion, marketing medium, skin & beauty treatments..

From 2014 to present (Perth), Mary has been engaged in sales management, events, weddings and birthday catering as well as promoting and marketing her lashes business and selling of various beauty products. She always deliver the quality, customer’s satisfaction and the best quality work through her quality products in a well planned manner. Keeping in mind, “success and labour” as synonyms to each other, we feel that the success of any business always depends upon the quality work delivered by its owner & employees. We believe and consider our clients as very valuable. That is why we always try to give them utmost security by providing special attention and care for the betterment in their lives. Improvement is an ongoing process.

Mary’s marketing, management and technical skills can be attributed to her business master-class course, as well as extensive experience in the salon, spa, and wellness. Also having gone through numerous beauty treatment trainings, and having been a hands-on salon and spa owner and events organizer back in her home country, give her the skills and professionalism. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she has a seemingly inborn sense of aesthetics, and a natural charm and sincerity that puts people at ease. Mary’s thirst for learning led her to train under a seasoned lash technician and skin specialist. But never one to rest on her laurels, she is constantly looking for ways to improve and update her craft. Her love in doing events made her decide to start organising events management and give it another try here in Perth..

Contact Mary on 0402539867 for your event planning needs. Send us any of your inspiration photos and we are happy to send you a quote.

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