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Our Eyelash Extensions Promotional Packages

Our Eyelash Extensions Promotional Packages are only offered to 4 clients per category just to celebrate Luxe Lashes by Angel being 4 years in the lash industry! 

Just a small reminder of what we are offering, we have a 6 months and full year package that includes subsidized

Russian Volume 3D-6D for $1200  (12 sessions)

Mega Volume 8D-10D for $1500  (12 sessions)

Mega Volume 11D-16D for $2,000  (12 sessions)

Russian Volume 3D-6D for $2,200  (24 sessions package)

Mega Volume 8D-10D for $2500  (24 sessions package)

Mega Volume 11D-16D for $3500  (24 sessions)

This 6 months package will ensure you get 12 sessions of eyelash extension and care without any additional cost.

This full year package will ensure you get 24 sessions of eyelash extension and care without any additional cost.

A Healthier and Safer Way to Care for Your Lashes

While most people book for lash refills after 2 or 3 weeks, it is advisable that you do a refill on a more regular basis. Waiting until your current lashes start falling off prevents proper growth of natural lashes, not to mention the unpleasant look they present. Our package offers lash refills after every 2 weeks, which will reduce the possibility of breakage or damage when removing the grown outs.

We also offer a new set of lashes after every other month; hence, your lashes will always look healthy and attractive. We have the tools, products and expertise to remove the old lashes and replace them with a new set. This regular replacement means that there will be no breakouts on your lashes. Remember that this cycle will go on for 6 months upto whole year.

The Customer Pays Less

Our Eyelash Extensions Promotional Packages offers great value for money to our clients compared to paying for single sessions. Getting a single refill after every 2 weeks would cost $110 and $140-$200 for a new set while $160-$250 for removal and placing new set. However, our package will only cost you as low as $100-120 fixed price per session wether its a refill, new set or removal and new set sessions. This great discount will help you save a lot on your lash expenses while still receiving great service.

VIP Treatment

Our promotional package gives our subscribers the chance to receive first priority service. Your appointments will be honored and fulfilled on a timely basis.

Additional Month to Cover for Holidays

Our package offers an extra one month to cover the time people spend on holidays. This means that you will still be viable to complete the 24 sessions even after going for holiday.


Please give atlease 24 to 48 hours notice for cancelling or rescheduling otherwise you will lose one session if failed to cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours or same day cancellations.

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