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Our Updated Booking Site & Penalty for Late Cancellation & Our Retouch Policy

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We are thankful to our customers who have continued to book for our services using our new online platform👇👇👇


However, we are having a few problems with late cancellations and double booking, hence the need to make things clear to our esteemed customers. Our online booking site is meant to make things easier for us and our clients to avoid inconveniences that have been experienced in the past.


What to Do When You Cannot Make It to an Appointment


We appreciate that there are unavoidable circumstances that can make a client not honor the appointment. However, this causes a disruption of our schedule because we usually plan our services according to the number of bookings we have. We encourage our customers to inform us early if they won’t make it on the agreed date.

Penalty for Late Cancellations


We have recently ugraded our online booking to protect us from no Shows and cancellations. Luxe Lashes by Angel wants to minimize on the losses incurred out of late cancellations by imposing a 30% penalty on same day cancellations. This will only affect clients who cancel their appointment less than 24 hours to the service. We will charge a 30% penalty of the actual service for same day cancellations. Again, what we want to do is discourage same day cancellation because it is a big inconvenience to us and other clients.

Please note that, if the client fails to pay this cancellation fee, we will decline any bookings from them in the future. Kindly avoid this inconvenience by communicating to us early or paying the cancellation fee if you cancel on the same day. I will give discount to the client in any instance I need to reschedule or any mistake in my ends.


Double Bookings

We have also experienced a problem with double bookings from a number of customers. Please help us to avoid this problem by using our new online booking to schedule your appointment. We will only accommodate clients through online booking.


Trouble with the Booking Link

We have received some complaints from our clients who are saying that our booking link shows we are fully booked on most of the days. However, we still have some slots open for bookings, and this might be a system error due to some cancellations from other clients. We advise our customers to put your email address for you to receive notification and instructions about directions and where to park or message Mary on whether there are available spots on the day they wish to come for services. Even if the link shows that we are fully booked for the day, please contact us because we might be having cancellations on the same day. If you are unable to make a reservation on our online platform, do not hesitate to contact us.


Where to Book Your Spot

You can book our lash extension services by the following link:


We do not consider bookings thru facebook page calendar. contact or DM us if unsure.

How to Cancel Your Appointment

If you need to change your service date after booking your appointment, please ensure that you cancel 24 hours before the actual date. This will help us to attend to other clients who might be interested in booking appointments on the same date. Failure to cancel your appointment on time will lead to a 30% fine of the actual service fee.

Payment Policy Changes

We are having problems with clients who promise to pay through bank or cash but end up disappointing us. This is causing us many inconveniences because we spend a lot of time and resources to ensure that our clients get quality services.

We urge our esteemed clients to honour their promises by not taking us round when it comes to paying for the services. It’s painful to work so hard and not get any pay for your time and effort. Luxe Lashes is making the following payment policy changes to avoid these problems in the future.


Payment Requirements

Clients will be required to pay after every session

Clients will have to pay at our shop after their eyelash extension session is complete. There will be no differed payments to later dates.Please carry the service fee on your treatment day if you wish to pay by cash.


We will require screenshots for bank and card payments

For clients who prefer to pay through bank or card, you will have to pay after your session and provide screenshots to confirm payment. We want to avoid dishonest clients who say they have paid via bank only to find no trace of their transfer when we check our bank records.

We also encourage our regular clients to pay a day or two before they come for their session to make things easier for everyone. Luxe Lashes is really suffering from delayed payments because we have to pay for our beauty products among other bills.


Let’s separate business and friendship

As much as we like interacting and treating our clients as our besties, some of them are taking advantage of our friendship to default payment. This is really hurting us and we would like to urge everyone to respect our business. Whether you are a new or existing client, please help us to help you by paying for the services on time. We won’t serve you if you don’t have the service fee with you. We all have our bills to pay on time so please understand that you need to pay right after every session just like when you are buying any other products and getting services from any shop. We don’t want to offend our clients here, this is just to avoid chasing everyone else for their payments and based on several clients from the past that we have experienced the same issue.

Our Retouch Policy

Stricly NO REFUND. We are giving free retouch policy to our new and existing clients if your lashes fell off within 3 to 5 days only. Let us know on the 3rd or 4th day of whats going on with your lashes if you think its not the normal 1-4 lash shedding per eye per day so we can schedule your free retouch on the 5th day if you wanted to redeem your free retouch as part of your benefit being luxe lashes valued customer. However, we will charge accordingly on the 6th day onwards. We also would like to minimize the retouch policy to our esteemed clients as we will going to offer all regular clients to take advantage of the yearly package so we both have a win-win situation.

Thank you all as you honour our plea! <)

We appreciate your cooperation, and we are looking forward to your visit.❤️

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