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Local Business Partnership

We are Luxe Lashes by Angel, experienced lash professionals whose vision is to work with local business partners to form a mutually beneficial partnership. Our aim is to create a win-win relationship with other businesses to support and promote each other. Luxe Lashes by Angel is currently partnering with
> Snap Fitness, a company dedicated to promoting healthy living through professional inspired workouts.
> La dea, a company dedicated to promoting skin, body and spa treatments
We are in This partnership has enabled us to:
• Promote the goods and services offered by Snap Fitness and La Dea to our customers
• Provide a special promotional price for every Snap Fitness and La Dea clients or employee who visit luxe lashes for the first time
• Promote Luxe Lashes to the Snap Fitness and La Dea Beauty clientele

Why a Snap Fitness Club is right for you?

• They offer FREE 3 Day Trial
• Being a Snap Fitness Member, you will get discounts and receive exclusive gifts offered from all their local business partners
• They have 200 locations nationwide and 2000 globally there is Snap wherever you go
• They offer flexible membership options to suit all your lifestyle needs
• Have fun and stay motivated with Australia’s Trusted Workouts
• Personal Trainers are available to provide extra knowledge and guidance to assist you in reaching your goals
• You can train during the day or night in the comfort and security of their clubs
• Their clubs are always clean and provide you with the best training equipment and facilities
Snap Fitness Club Manager Perth CBD
Contact Kim at 0434626462
#Snapfitnessperthcbd #snapnation
For more information please contact Liz- Snap Fitness Club Manager Perth City at 0490071509 or check other clubs at #Snapfitnessperthcity

Why La Dea Beauty is right for you?



Chantel is a qualified therapist for over 4 years in beauty industry. Shes very professional with a kind, sweet and loving nature. Her experience and positive attitude is guaranteed that she will deliver an amazing job in all aspect with body and skin care treatments. She will be with us from Mondays-Wednesdays from 10am-4pm if you are looking for a one-stop experience from an eyelash extensions to facials, waxing and body treatments.
La Dea Skin and Body is a skin and body focused spa. La Dea’s home-based spa enables a highly personable spa experience tailored to the unique individual needs of each client. At La Dea Skin and Body we believe in embarking on a ‘skin journey’ with our clients to continuously improve the overall healthiness of the skin and body from the inside out. La Dea aims to not only give our clients a tailored spa experience, but also aims to provide an escape from the business of life and educate our clients about their skin and body. We utilize advanced biochemistry and the latest dermatological research, herbatology and modern cosmetic chemistry through our products, to bring the best results to our clients. As your skin progresses with you through different life stages, so does our treatments, at La Dea there is a treatment and a unique experience for everyone! We believe in nurturing your skin and body from the inside out and the outside in, as you will wear your skin everyday for the rest of your life.
Book for an appointment at
Luxe Lashes by Angel is looking to engage other businesses that are interested in this form of partnership. This marketing strategy will offer you a great cross marketing opportunity for little effort and zero cost! You will be able to market your goods or services to our rich client base without having to spend anything.
Why promote your business to our clientele?
• 9000+ Instagram followers
• 3000+ website followers
• 900+ Facebook page followers
• 7000+ Facebook friends from 2 accounts
• 1000+ in our database
• We are member among the largest Facebook groups in Perth/ WA that have 5000-20000 members, which gives us a broader reach.
1. Promoting your goods/services to our clientele
 We are willing to promote your offer on our Facebook page, the Luxe Lashes Website and Blog, and Instagram.
 Provide an offer that results in a membership benefit, for instance a 10% discount, which will attract more business to you
The offer should be discussed to customers during/ before/ after our photo opp
Details of offer
□ Offer: 30 days free membership
□ Conditions: __________________________________________________________________________________________
2. Special offer from the Luxe Lashes for you, your employees and customers
 From $50 to $80 discount on any of our lash sessions (Classic, Russian Volume, Mega Volume)
 From 10% to 20% discounts on our lash training program and lash products.
Details of offer
□ For you and your employee:
$80 Classic (Normally costs $120)
$90 Russian Volume (Normally costs $140)
$100 Mega Volume (Normally costs 180)
 FREE CONSULATION for our lash services and training programs, product presentation of our quality mink trays and other tools.
3. Promoting Luxe Lashes by Angel Products and Services to Your Customers
In return for promoting your business to our clientele, we humbly request that you help to promote our lash business by simply:
 Making Luxe Lashes by Angel your exclusive lash extension local business partner. Don’t recommend, promote or accept partnerships from our rival lash extension businesses.
 Displaying our calling card / DL Flyers / Magazine near your cash counters or any other visible location.
 Displaying any promotional posters we may have from time to time.
 Allowing us, where possible, to attend, present or speak to your customers or staff members about our services.
Contact Mary at 0402539867 if you are interested in partnering with us! 🙂

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