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Luxe Lashes has moved to a new location in a bid to make service delivery better. We have been in the search for a more comfortable location that can provide enough space and the kind of serenity our clients desire. We are relocated to Hay Street Perth CBD 6000. This comes as great news to our old and new clients because our new place will be offering better facilities.

What makes our new location better?


Our new location provides ease of access because it is at the heart of the city. For our clients who are working in the city, this will be a great chance to access Luxe Lashes without traveling much.

Ample parking

OPTION 1: Our new location offers free parking and you can be assured that your car will be safe.


Street parking in front our building is maximum 1 hour parking only.

Mon – Sat 8:00 am – 6:00 pm $5.00 an hour



Free Bus services that operates within the city of perth. You can take CAT 2 and walk to our place whichever is more convenient for you.

Less fatigue when accessing our place

We are located in a building that offers lift for those who are worried about going up the stairs. You will also enjoy a great view of the city as you wait to be served by your technician. We promise to provide a seamless experience whenever you come for our eyelash services.

Improved security

The building is fully secured, and clients are required to wait at the main entrance until we pick them up. There is a café with enough seating area where you can relax as you wait for us to pick you. We value security, and that’s why these measures have been put in place by the building management.

Upgraded facilities


We want to give you a relaxing atmosphere when you come for eyelash extensions or other services. This has pushed us to relocate to a better location that offers comfort and great view.

Luxe Lashes by Angel welcomes you to our new location in Hay Street Perth CBD as we begin our new chapter towards better service provision.

Introducing Our New Client Promotions

Luxe Lashes by Angel welcomes you to our freshly revamped location and we have not only changed our location but also improved our services to meet the needs of our esteemed clients. Our new location comes with lots of goodies to all eyelash enthusiasts who are looking to be part of the Luxe Lashes family.

Our promo prices for our new clients are as follows:

Lash Lift and Tint $70
Classic/Lightweight Volume $80
Heavyweight Russian Volume $90
Mega Volume 9D-10D $100
Mega Volume 11D-16D $140

We encourage our new clients to take advantage of these subsidized services by booking for an appointment at We are thankful to our regular clients, and we are happy to invite you to our upgraded working space. We are always striving to improve our services through enhanced skills and providing a comfortable working area where our clients can relax during their lash appointments.

Luxe Lashes by Angel is ready to answer any questions regarding directions, services, prices or any other enquiry you may have.

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